Central European Association for Business Process Management – CEABPM is a non-profit organization which associates experts, researchers, consultants and representatives of the process-based organizations. There are different views on BPM, usually (1) informational-technological view, (2) managerial view and (3) economic view. The main purpose of the CEABPM is to standardize and to unify these three views. In accordance to this purpose we proposed the standard for the process-based organizations CEABPM 1001:2013. CEABPM assures the audits of the process-based management systems as well as issues certificates for the process-based organizations.



  The CEABPM 1001:2013 standard presents the result of several years preparing of sub-commissions of the Board of guarantors. It contains the requirements for process-based organizations as well as the procedure for audit of process-based management systems.




Scientific seminar

Cental European Association for Business Process Management organize the third Scientific seminar on the 22th of August 2017. The objective of the seminar is to present the comon high level structure for managerial systems.