Certification Audit

Quantitative competency/capability of an organization to implement, maintain and to innovate process oriented system of management is determined by the total rate of process orientation Capo. Central European Association for Business Process Management issues certificates Process Oriented Organization in four classification rates due to the result of the total rate of process orientation Capo.


A Permanently sustainable process oriented organization, Capo= 95 to 100%

B Process managed organization, Capo= 90 to 94%

C Process managed organization substructure, Capo= 60 to 89%

D Functionally managed organization, Capo= 0 to 59%


In case when an organization achieves the value Capo within the interval 0 to 59, it is not possible to issue the certificate Process oriented organization, but Functionally managed organization is stated in the certificate. Calculation of Capo is given in the article 4.3.3. of the norm CEABPM 1001:2011.


Procedure to sign-up for the audit of management system process orientation


Fee for certification audit: The price for certification audit is determined individually and depends on the size of the organization which is being certified, on the scope of the process model of management system and its application in organization management practice.

Fee for certificate issuing and registration: 19 € (or in national currency calculated due to the actual ECB list of exchange)


If interested in certificate audit, please fill in the audit application form >>form of application<<. After sending the application an authorized representative will contact you, due to the location of your organization and he will define the audit price and terms of contract. Authorised representative is in charge of audit starting, execution and finishing. When the report concerning the audit is delivered to the location of Central European Association for Business Process Management by an authorized representative at least within 3 days after audit completion, the Association issues the certificate Process oriented organization due to the rate of Capo within 14 days since the audit completion. An authorized representative is responsible for running the programme of audits in a particular country.


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Anti-bribery processes analysis

Cental European Association for Business Process Management is a participant of initiative towards to analysis and modelling of anti-bribery processes according to the ISO 37001:2016.



Standard CEABPM 1003:2011

Cental European Association for Business Process Management decided to cancel the standard CEABM 1003:2011 due to the ISO 19011:2018 which defines requirements for auditors competency.