Certified Organizations

Central European Association for Business Process Managementkeeps and updates the register of issued certificates on its web pages - www.ceabpm.eu. In case when an organization in its application for certification states that it is not interested in releasing the given certificate number, date and name of the organization the Association fully grants its application. Certificates are marked by a code XXYY/ZZZZ, where XX stands for the international code of the country in which its authorized representative has his location on, YY stands for the number of years during which the organization acts as an authorized CEABPM representative and ZZZZ stands for certificate sequence number which is issued in series one after another and independently on the year of their issue by the Association in a particular country.




Scientific seminar

Cental European Association for Business Process Management organize the third Scientific seminar on the 22th of August 2017. The objective of the seminar is to present the comon high level structure for managerial systems.