Process Manager

Central European Association for Business Process Management provides personnel certificationdue to the CEABPM 1001:2013 standards - Requirements concerning competencies of process managers and/or auditors of process oriented management systems. The output of people certification is Process manager certificate acquisition.


Certification of people aimed at Process manager certificate acquisition is carried out by making a certificate exam which consists of three parts:

  1. proving theoretical knowledge concerning requirements of process managed organizations – a written test taking 30 minutes (30 points),

  2. proving theoretical knowledge required from process managers – written test taking 30 minutes (30 points),

  3. elaboration and presentation of organization process model in accordance with CEABPM 1001:2013 - taking 60 minutes to present business process model (40 points). Business process model is elaborated by a certificate applicant before taking a certificate exam.


The condition to issue Process manager certificate is to achieve minimum 65% of each part of certificate exam.


Certificate exam is usually made in the location of association´s authorized representative or in the location of an organization which is interested in certification of its minimum 5 employees on one date of certification.  Certificate exam is independent and it is not obligatory to take certificate preparation which is ensured by contract partners of authorized representatives agreed by the association. In case of interest in preparation for certificate exam it is possible to attend a preparation seminar which lasts for 5 days and whose part is determination of an organization process model.


The Process manager certificate issued by Central European Association for Business Process Management in a particular nation applicant´s language and in English is of an unlimited validity. In case of CEABPM 1001:2013 changes and amendments it is possible to update the certificate by making a differential exam of the part of norm and requirements which were the subject of revision but this is not the obligation of certificate holders.

The association through the Board of Guarantees and its sub-committees analyzes the latest trends and information in the area of business process management and minimum once a year at sub-committees sessions the results of analysis are reviewed and in case of their substantial changes or business process management development also included into updated norms issues.


I am interested in Process manager certificate acquisition


Certificate exam execution fee: 129€ (or in national currency calculated on base of ECB actual list of exchange)

Certificate issuing and registration fee: 19€ (or in national currency calculated on base of ECB actual list of exchange)


If interested in acquisition of Process manager certificate, please fill in the binding form of application >>here<< and an authorized representative will contact you to agree details concerning the number of people, dates and possible preparation to be certified.


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Anti-bribery processes analysis

Cental European Association for Business Process Management is a participant of initiative towards to analysis and modelling of anti-bribery processes according to the ISO 37001:2016.



Standard CEABPM 1003:2011

Cental European Association for Business Process Management decided to cancel the standard CEABM 1003:2011 due to the ISO 19011:2018 which defines requirements for auditors competency.